september 2020

Substance over Form (Eruvin 49)

Robbert – The daf today talks again a bit about making an eruv chatzerot. This the eruv that is required to allow a person to carry in a courtyard that is shared with other people. One of the requirements of making a proper eruv chatzerot is that all the houses that are adjacent to the … Lees verder

Helping without knowledge (Eruvin 44)

When a person is outside of the area he can walk (his techum, which is 2.000 amot from his residence), he is only allowed to walk an additional 4 amot (one ama is 6 handbreadths). There was an an incident which is recorded on Eruvin 43: Nechamya the son of Rav Chanilai was so engrossed … Lees verder

Holy and Profane (Eruvin 40)

Today’s and yesterday’s dapim seem to be (dare I say it? in eruvin?) fairly engaging and interesting. A welcome digression from poles and holes and things that are higher than or lower than other things. Not that there is anything wrong with the technicalities of techumin – but still. It is nice to talk about … Lees verder

Every day anew (Eruvin 38)

Various psalms mention this “new song”, but then the same old psalm follows. The solution: just as you can’t step into the same river twice, you can’t sing the same song twice. Every time a song is sung, it is different in intensity, stirs different airwaves and different emotions. So, there is no such thing … Lees verder

Uncertainty (Eruvin 36)

Robbert, thank you for agreeing to have an ongoing chat with me about the daf. Learning daf yomi can be a bit of an exhausting experience. As Gideon (our maggid shiur – maybe we should invite him one day to blog!) would say: “lev chacham liymino, ulev kesil bismolo” (Kohelet 10:2) – a wise man … Lees verder