oktober 2020

The Private and the Shared (Eruvin 79)

Thank you Julius for your comments. I agree with you that the gemara is not very consistent in applying some of the principles that it introduces – the respect for a teacher that you mention being a case in point. I can see that you were somewhat annoyed by the goings-on in that respect in … Lees verder

Respect my property (Eruvin 74)

In Eiruvin, Daf 63a the Gemara goes to great lengths to talk about the respect a student must have for his teacher. The story of slaughterer’s knife, and how many Rabbis’ were affected by that. We are left with the story of Rabbi Elazar from Hagronya who inspected the knife, but he was later punished at the hand of Heaven for … Lees verder

How to drink responsibly (Eruvin 65)

Rav Sheishet is quoted to have said that the Jews should not be held responsible for their sins, as they were “drunk without having drunk wine” due to all the hardships they encountered during the continued state of exile. A lame excuse. Everyone is responsible for his own deeds. True: one is not supposed to … Lees verder

The Rabbis and Science (Eruvin 57)

Robbert – With today’s daf we are squarely (no pun intended) back in hard-core eruvin territory – although we are, strictly speaking, not dealing with eruvin, but with the cities of the levi’im. I don’t know how the gemara gets here, but that happens more often – Talmudic discourse is, not to put too fine … Lees verder

Emotions (Eruvin 52)

Joel – Todays daf also speaks about substance over form. The Gemara brings in Raba bar Rav Chanan whose custom it was to go from Artibbena to Pumbedita on Shabbat and formally acquired residence in Tzinta, which was located between the Shabbat limits of the two places, without going there, but enabled him to make … Lees verder