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The story that one
picture can tell is truly remarkable.  This one makes one want to smile and cry
at the same time. You have no doubt
heard of the anti-disengagement rally gathering around Kfar Maimon, and the
Israeli soldiers on the kfar side of the fence preventing the protestors from
crossing into Kfar Maimon and on to Gush Katif.  Most pictures have been of the
protestors and soldiers clashing at the fence. This picture of
protestors on one side and soldiers on the other davening in a minyan together
across the fence – tells of the remarkable nature of our people. When politics
divide our people, when fences divide our people, when rhetoric and vitriol
divide our people, a minyan can unite us across all the
divides!! Who is like you
O Israel one nation in the world? Mi ke’amcha yisrael goy echad

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